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Did you know that there is an effective, long-term way to prevent and improve bruxism (grinding), and clenching?  Bruxism is a self-destructive behavior that results in damage to the teeth, and any fillings or restorative dental work - that means that your costly investment in your crowns, fillings, and bridges are at risk!  Botulinum toxin works by weakening the contractions and power of the muscles of mastication (chewing muscles in the face), which in turn diminishes the damage done to your teeth from unconscious grinding and clenching.  And while night-guards and anti-bruxing appliances are a useful option, botulinum toxin provides 24/7 protection, lasts up to 3 months, and may even help alleviate chronic headaches!

     We also offer sleep apnea /snoring /grinding /clenching appliances.

Dental Oral Care also provides chronic-pain relief therapy with Botulinum toxin!  Botulinum toxin, aka, botox, acts on the neuromuscular junction (where nerves meet the muscles) to reduce the force of contraction.  This means that if a chronic pain is from a muscle origin, the botox will reduce the activity of the muscle, thereby reducing the pain.  Using botulinum toxin and Lidocaine anesthetic for injection, we can introduce the therapeutic cocktail directly to source of the pain.  Once the Lidocaine has taken effect (made the site numb), we use a "dry needling" technique to break-up muscle fibers to promote healthy regeneration and release muscles that are "tight" after months or years of hyperactive contraction.  After a thorough assessment and consultation, the treatment is given according to your own, personal, individualized dosage and site injection mapping, so you only get what you need, where you need it.  This method (botulinum toxin injection) is used by Neurologists to treat chronic migraine headaches, and is now available to you for treatment of neck, shoulder, and orofacial pain.  Come in for a consultation and see how enjoyable life can be when your pain in controlled WITHOUT the use of harmful, habit forming narcotics and muscle relaxers.

                           Sleep in comfort                                                                  Wake up rested                                   

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